Pay for your job posting

We appreciate you completing our form providing us with details about the position you want to promote. The next step in this process is to pay for the posting. You have a number of choices. Please select your desired level and click the “Pay with card” button.

We will contact you in person to confirm posting dates (please include your email address).

Bronze level (1 job posting – $75.00)

[stripe name=”WebProJobs” description=”Bronze level” amount=”7500″ billing=”true”]

Silver level (2 job postings – $125.00)

[stripe name=”WebProJobs” description=”Silver level” amount=”12500″ billing=”true”]

Gold level (3 job postings – $175.00)

[stripe name=”WebProJobs” description=”Gold level” amount=”17500″ billing=”true”]

Platinum level (5 job postings – $200.00)

[stripe name=”WebProJobs” description=”Platinum level” amount=”20000″ billing=”true”]